Eco Friendly House Design Portfolio

We make it our business to provide our clients with highly appropriate, inventive yet fully achievable sustainable design solutions, through rigorous design investigations seeking the highest performance possible within the project’s financial, technical, and regulatory constraints.

Staff at Barefoot and Gilles have worked on many schemes that have pushed technical boundaries in the pursuit of excellent environmental performance, including numerous completed Code for Sustainable Homes schemes accredited at levels from 3 through to 6, including the first commercially available Code 6 housing in the country, as well as BREEAM-certified non-housing schemes. We can also offer Passivhaus-accredited design through specialist sub-consultants.

Photo of Sudbourne
Photo of GreenGauge Homes
Photo of GreenGauge Homes at Lingwood
Photo of GreenGauge Homes at Horstead

Photo of Kildare Avenue