Care Home Architecture Portfolio

As the population ages so the demand for Care Homes continues to grow and we are increasingly involved in both new-build and alteration works to facilities across the sector.

We have developed a clear understanding of our clients’ needs in this rapidly expanding sector and have worked on projects for all age groups from children and youth care to the elderly and sufferers of dementia.

Great attention to detail must be paid to the design of residential care homes so as to provide a welcoming, sociable atmosphere which is both safe and secure without feeling 'institutional'.

We also recognise that the relationship of the building to the surrounding landscape can enhance both the quality of life for residents and the level of care provided. We adopt, therefore, a holistic approach to the design of each site so that inside and outside interact to produce a harmonious and reassuring environment.

The Nook, Framingham Earl
Photo of Treehouse Hospice
CGI of Care Home, Norwich
Plan of Care Home, Bucklesham Road, Ipswich

Plan of New Care Home, Ipswich