Rapier Street Open Market Housing Architecture Portfolio


Refurbishment and Repair

The former Ransomes & Rapier heavy engineering works site lies to the south of the town centre of Ipswich, in an area where housing need is increasing as larger employment users move out of the town centre. We were acting for building contractors looking for a new headquarters when this 3.5 Acre site became available, but it was much more suitable as a large gateway housing scheme, sited near the River Orwell at the end of the A137. We introduced our contractor clients to Shaftesbury Housing Group and they brought in developer partner Providus Developments Ltd who purchased the site for a mixed use development.

  • Photo of Rapier Street, Ipswich
  • Photo of Rapier Street, Ipswich
  • Photo of Rapier Street, Ipswich
  • Photo of Rapier Street, Ipswich
  • Photo of private housing Rapier Street, Ipswich

The project was runner up in the Ibstock Brick Awards 2006 - Best Private Housing Development, and features on the Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers Homezones website as a Designated HomeZone Case Study.

R G Carter, Ipswich Ltd.
Project 40 houses and 134 flats - new build
Capital Value:
June 2005
MLM - Structural Engineers JSH - M&E Engineers

In our role as architects for the project we worked with all three partners to design a highly visible, hugely successful development. This strategically significant site required a high quality, high density scheme to signal the entrance into Ipswich from the South, and its position at an arterial junction in a developing area required negotiation with the planners for a corridor to enable a future trunk road to be built. High-rise flats and four storey townhouses encircle the site, creating a sense of place. The public open space was designed to HomeZone standards complete with play area.