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If you’ve ever tried to build out a scheme from poor planning drawings you’ll know how important a good planning consent is, and how expensive a poor one can be.

At Barefoot & Gilles we believe planning applications don’t have to be a chore; we can demystify the planning application process for you.

A buildable design

Make sure your planning permission can be built economically or it could be a costly mistake.

Obtaining a valuable planning permission can sometimes be difficult and there can be a tendency to commit to an unrealistic or over-ambitious set of proposals. The scheme can look amazing at the planning stage but the same scheme could turn into a nightmare when the plans need to be built out.

Barefoot and Gilles believe in buildable design - taking the construction process into account right from the beginning, producing a project which is cost effective to construct as well as successful in the planning stages.

We have extensive experience in traditional construction, systems building, Modern Methods of Construction and off-site fabrication. We consider construction at every stage of a design and the buildability of our schemes is well-recognised amongst contractors.

Are you worried about the quality of your planning drawings? Why not give us a call?

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Submitting a Planning Application

Let us co-ordinate your documents so the application runs smoothly.

Have you ever had a planning application returned unregistered because something was missing? Have you ever achieved planning consent only to discover that over-demanding Planning Conditions have compromised its value to you? Such mistakes can be costly and time consuming.

Every project that is to be built will need planning permission and our many years of experience in submitting planning applications for virtually every building type have given us an insight into the likely requirements for each planning application.

We can demystify the planning application process for you. We speak to the right people to let you know in advance whether you might need a tree survey or an historic buildings report and we can organise them for you if you need them.

We always look to minimise the Conditions to your planning approval so you don’t end up with a consent you might not be able to enact.

If you need planning permission involve us early on to avoid disappointment.

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